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Healing Dance 2 with Ashaman

Quiet Healing Center

A 6-day course, on the surface only. Healing Dance 2 asks the question, “How do we earn trust and gain access to the body at the beginning of a session?” The answer it provides lies in the trance-inducing Back Waves and in our quality of touch. In this training, we continue the study of spatial […]

Woga® 1&2 (Yoga in Water) with Dariya

Quiet Healing Center

A 2-day course. Woga is the union of two words: water and yoga. It is based on yoga poses and stretches modified for warm water.Thanks to decrease in gravity, water allows greater ease of movement, unblocks articulations, lengthens and melts muscles, and removes negative tensions, thereby preventing stress, insomnia and anxiety.Water yoga is based on […]

Instructor Training Course (ITC) Woga® with Dariya & Petra

Quiet Healing Center

In this 6-day course, you will: - acquire the basics of WOGA - be able to use the potential of yoga in shallow water - learn a WOGA exercise repertoire - receive didactic and methodical material to offer WOGA courses and/or incorporate WOGA into your water fitness classes.Topics addressed: Yoga philosophy in general, background of […]

Instructor Training Course (ITC) Watsu® with Watsu India Team

Quiet Healing Center

An 7-day course geared towards aquatic bodywork practitioners, who have successfully passed ATC Watsu and would like to become Watsu instructors. This course is offered by a collective team of experienced teachers, who over more than a decade of experience have gained a deep knowledge of passing on these aquatic bodywork techniques.Topics to be addressed […]

Watsu® Yoga Round with Fred & Roberto

Quiet Healing Center

Watsu Yoga Round is a powerful tool for deep relaxation and inner peace. It focuses on listening to the body and presence; it represents a way to come back to our heart, to an inner silence that is fully alive and vibrant. It is an invitation to feel, awaken and celebrate the energy of our […]

Watsu® & OBA® Basic with Dariya & Daniel

Quiet Healing Center

A course of 6 half days.Watsu & OBA are aquatic bodywork modalities given in a warm water pool (ideally 35°C).Watsu, the part where the client's face stays always on the surface, introduces the qualities and body mechanics required to work with someone in water in order to create a profound state of both physical and […]

Oceanic Bodywork Aqua – OBA® 1 with Dariya & Daniel

Quiet Healing Center

A 6-day course with mainly under water work."Diving into the wonderful world of memories, where we, as embryos in the protective belly of our mother, floated, surrounded by warm water. In timeless vastness, going inside, feeling free and secure, and diving into a weightless world". In this first course of 50 hours, we will approach […]