Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Limited accommodation — 15 rooms in total — is available for those who wish to stay at Quiet, while benefiting from its excellent healing facilities. All guest rooms are spacious, aesthetically pleasing, comfortably designed and meticulously maintained. Some offer dramatic sea views, while others look out on Quiet’s pleasant gardens.

All rooms have fans, are well-ventilated and benefit from sea breeze; aircon is available in all rooms (except cabanas) and included in the rates.

Full Board rates include breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry service, and taxes.

Bed & Breakfast rates include breakfast, laundry service and taxes.

WIFI is available for free.

Check-out: 10.00 am

Check-in: 11.00 am

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Quiet’s kitchen prepares daily three delicious meals, offered in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. All meals are served buffet style.

The menu is vegetarian and includes a variety of dishes to satisfy Indian and Western tastes.

Warm Water Sessions for Pregnant Women

From 25 July every Wednesday morning from 9.30 till 10.30 am

You are invited to experience the weightless, relaxing and connecting benefits of movement and floating in warm water. You can come with your partner or by yourself. For further enquiries, please contact Friederike @ 9943247326.

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