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From Fear to Love – a Guided Journey with Julia & Svenja

January 10, 2020 - January 12, 2020

The more we allow ourselves to acknowledge our inner parts that are not “all that pretty”, the more we will start taking charge of our lives and move towards our real strength and personal power.


Those inner parts of us have often been kept in the dark.

What if…

… we start to open that door and shed some light on them?

… we could accept them as an important part of ourselves?

By embracing them we can eventually live more from a place of love, trust and courage.

Let’s try, see, feel and live our Fears and Control patterns and let them move out of their frozen state and melt into Love and Trust.

To experience your being in a holistic approach, we guide you using tools such as bodywork, dance, creativity and meditation, while creating a safe space for reflection and sharing.


Who is the target audience?

People, who have a serious interest in interacting with themselves and are curious to learn more about their patterns and belief systems and on how to expand their opportunities. Hardly anyone lives to their own potential; there is much that holds us back and limits us. It is important to remove heavy stones, which hide the entrance to the treasury.

What is the workshop about?

We want to offer an opportunity of therapeutic work on oneself, which uses the power and dynamics of a group. It’s about dealing with your own patterns and blockages and inviting more freedom and ease into your life. The therapeutic, self-reflective and exploratory work that you undertake is guided and supported by two experienced therapists and coaches. In selecting and applying suitable methods, we draw upon years of experience in working with individuals and groups in the context of therapy, training and counseling.

What are the goals?

The aim is individual growth in terms of self-development and healing. Letting go of the old and explore new inner ways, of which we are often only partially aware. We invite participants to embark on an inner voyage of discovery and awaken the wonders that dwell in all of us. Through a trustful and supportive atmosphere, you can reach your goals easier and in a more direct manner through the collective field activated by the open-heart energy of the group dynamics.

Which methods do we use?

Our repertoire of methods includes therapeutic bodywork, talk-therapeutic methods, free and guided movement/dance, imaginative creativity, meditations and dream travel, introspection and reflection, exchange with a partner, and small and larger group work. All methods used have been professionally acquired, tested and refined over many years of practice.



Julia is a graduate Psychologist specialized in Clinical and Organizational Psychology. She is also a trainer in communication, a Hypnosystemic coach and consultant (Milton Erickson Institute), a mediator and facilitator (Artop Institute), as well as a certified dance teacher (Terramedus School).

She has followed further education and acquired experience in various therapeutic methods e.g. The Wholeness Work® and Core Transformation by Connirae Andreas, Generative Trance by Stephen Gilligan, Systemic Body Therapy and Systemic Constellation Work.

For about 12 years, Julia has been counseling individuals and groups in developmental, healing and change processes. She is fascinated and enthusiastic about the depth and ease with which healing can happen, when we are open to turn within and around us in love and acceptance. For her, the central element is love. Julia recently joined Auroville.



Svenja is a Psycho-Somato Therapist certified at L’École du Corps-Conscience, Montpellier, France. She has been practicing as a therapist since 2005 and started teaching Somato Therapy in France from 2009.

The method is an original mix, comprising several manual techniques and psychotherapeutic tools such as Gestalttherapy, Bioenergy, Rebirth, Creativity and Visualisation combined with verbal exchange and mental healing. Breathing helps creating the link between body and mind, while touch can act as a healing and transformative tool; verbal exchange allows integration of freed emotions. As such, Somato Therapy is based upon a holistic vision of the human being.

Svenja lives in Auroville since 2017 and devides her time between her therapy sessions (Inner Body Work under the LEAD umbrella) and the Auroville Housing Service.

Friday: 2 – 7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 12 & 2 – 7 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 12 & 2 – 5 PM

Price: ₹ 8,950 (lunch included)

Please read the General Information before you apply for this course.


January 10, 2020
January 12, 2020
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