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All prices are in Indian Rupees ₹. Rates may be changed without notice.

Therapies Prices in Indian Rupees
Aquatic Bodywork (Watsu®, Liquid Flow) [sc name="Aquatic Bodywork Watsu Liquid Flow - Therapies"]
Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage [sc name="ayurvedic-abhyanga-massage"]
Ayurvedic Birenda Massage [sc name="Ayurvedic Birenda Massage - Therapies"]
Bioresonance - Allergy Test   [sc name="Bioresonance - Allergy Test - Therapies"]
Bioresonance - First Consultation [sc name="bioresonance-first-consultation-therapies"]
Bioresonance - Follow up [sc name="Bioresonance - Follow up - Therapies"]
Chiropractic [sc name="Chiropractic - Therapies"]
Craniosacral Therapy [sc name="Craniosacral Therapy - Therapies"]
Deep Tissue Massage (1½ h. / 2 h.) [sc name="Deep Tissue Massage - Therapies"]
Esalen Massage [sc name="Esalen Massage - Therapies"]
Foot Massage / Reflexology [sc name="Foot Massage - Reflexology - Therapies"]
Healing Touch Massage [sc name="Healing Touch Massage - Therapies"]
Homeopathy - First Consultation [sc name="Homeopathy - First Consultation"]
Homeopathy - Follow-up [sc name="Homeopathy - Follow-up - Therapies"]
Hypnosis - Regression Therapy [sc name="Hypnosis - Regression Therapy - Therapies"]
Individual Open Heart-Space Meditation [sc name="Individual Open Heart-Space Meditation - Therapies"]
Lomi Lomi Massage [sc name="Lomi Lomi Massage - Therapies"]
Lymph Drainage [sc name="Lymph Drainage - Therapies"]
Physiotherapy (PT) [sc name="Physiotherapy PT - Therapies"]
Quantum Shiatsu & Sound Bed [sc name="Quantum Shiatsu and Sound Bed - Therapies"]
"Quiet" Massage [sc name="Quiet Massage - Therapies"]
Raindrop Technique® [sc name="Raindrop Technique - Therapies"]
Reiki [sc name="Reiki - Therapies"]
Sound Healing [sc name="Sound Healing - Therapies"]
Structural Bodywork [sc name="Structural Bodywork - Therapies"]
Thai Yoga Massage [sc name="Thai Yoga Massage - Therapies"]
Traditional Chinese Medicine [sc name="traditionalchinesemedicine"]