Please find below a selection of testimonials of people who have stayed at Quiet Healing Center.

I totally loved being at Quiet. I felt so much at home, can sense the blessings of mother in the energies here. Staff is so helpful and kind. Please keep the place as is, rustic and the full of love and nature. I wish to visit this place every year.

Loads of Love and Full gratitude for my stay at Quiet


Thank You All,

You’re wonderful people for keeping this special place so lovingly alive for so many! It really is a wonderful healing place of support on one’s journey. And it needs people like you all to keep it “Going” with all the everyday challenges and joy…

Personally, I experience “Quiet healing place” truly as a center of recharge for “the quiet” within and without. It is a place which I am much looking forward to visit again. And “the quiet“ place within will always BE.
Thank you!
Heart Sparkling ❤️ and LOVE


Dearest Quiet Healing Center Staff,

Thank You!

The only thing that come close to your generosity and grace is our gratitude.
Until next time!

Jennifer, Brad and the Yogis!!

Dearest Quiet Healing Family,

Thank you so much for holding this space for healing and care. It nurtures the Spirit and fills heart with Joy.
Gratitude to all the therapists who offer gifts in form of true karma yoga and devotion. Gratitude to kitchen staff for lovingly making food, like home cooked.
Thank you for your presence, your service to the community and for everything you do.

With Love, Light, Joy.
– Sufi n Family.

Dear Quiet Reception Staff,

Thank you for everything!

I am healthier and happier thanks to your hard work, efficiency and kindness.