Somatic Yoga Classes

Somatic yoga classes with Linda Lee are designed to:

  • learn how to use Somatics as a preparation for yoga asanas;
  • experience ease, comfort, joy and stability that flows from inside out;
  • include somatic preparations for Sun Salutations;
  • lay down movement pathways for a seamless flow, which establish stability and safety, and stimulate courage, compassion and contentment.

* Group sessions: Saturdays from 10.30 am till 12.00 pm

* Individual sessions on request

Price: ₹ 500 per class

Linda Lee

Linda was introduced to Somatics as a way of preparing/conditioning the body for Yoga Asana by her first Yoga Teachers (Don and Amber Stapleton) 25 years ago and was part of her Integrative Yoga Therapy Training with Joseph Le Page at Kripalu.

Currently, she has been studying and working with Godfrey Devereux (her Yoga Teacher of over 20 Years) intensely and focused on solely The Somatics of Yoga.