Structural Bodywork

A slow, deep massage treatment with little oil, applying techniques from Deep Tissue, Structural Integration, and Dermoneuromodulation. With its interactive approach, Guided Structural Bodywork uses a combination of deep strokes, sustained holds, gentle skin stretches, and both active and passive movements. We will work together, adjusting depth of pressure and using different techniques to meet your needs.

Through offering observations and cues/suggestions, an invitation is made to help you feel more fully into any particular moment/movement. This guided awareness and movement helps the brain “remap” areas that have become desensitized and/or hold chronic tension, thus allowing the possibility for the nervous system to make its own shifts and adjustments towards realignment.

Some of the goals of this therapy include:

  • discovering your body’s potential to feel and move better and help restoring a sense of freedom and ease in the body;
  • increased ability to “tune in” and hear the body’s messages, and fostering a deeper relationship with your body;
  • bringing a sense of balance and alignment in your body and in yourself;
  • providing tools and suggestions that will help with the integration of this work.

 A unique opportunity to remap your brain-body connection!


Duration: 1½ hour