Biokinergie - A new approach towards Osteopathy.

Based upon the concepts of Osteopathy, Fascia release and Chinese medicine, Biokinergie can be applied for general well-being as well as specific health issues.

It acts effectively on back and joint pain, sprains, tendonitis, and sciatica. It relieves functional, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, gynaecological and urinary problems.

Biokinergie is also successfully used against insomnia and migraines by reducing the harmful effects of stress, anxiety and emotional tensions.

By treating muscular contractions and tissue tensions responsible for blockages, tissues relax, their activities recorded in the brain harmonise, while bones and organs regain their mobility. Biokinergie also contributes at dissolving harmful, pathogenic memories in tissues and cells.

You’ll need to be undressed during the session, but will keep on your underwear.


Duration: 1 hour

Price: ₹ 2,500