Life Coaching & Movement Therapy

Connect to your soul to lead an aligned, purposeful and joyful life. Through this session, you will feel empowered on your journey of finding answers within.

Choose from 5 journeys, or bring your own topic to the session:

Joyful Living | Yoga Lifestyle: Make ordinary days extraordinary. Anchor your days in what matters to you and live your life based on your values.

Ikigai | Life Purpose: Discover and manifest your life purpose. Follow your calling and embrace what makes you wake up with joy.

Flow | Creative Consciousness: Find your flow and get unstuck. Reconnect within through increasing your self expression and awareness.

Creative Feminine | A Heroine’s Journey: Get in touch with your own version of what it means to be a woman. Embody your unique beauty and gifts.

Powerful Union | Relationship Coaching: For couples to move into a new phase of support, understanding and growth together.


Duration: Initial session (1½ hour) after which you may choose to continue with a package (3-6 sessions) for individuals and couples.

Price: ₹ 2,250